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Brand: GIGO
Features● 89 components, 8 different animal designs with the transparent PP material allows the observation of gears and machinery while operating.●Utilize a structure of gears and motors along with PP design to make animal movements more lifelike.●The 4 independent channels of the infrared remote c..
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Brand: GIGO
~ Assemble 10 models plus 7 experiments demonstrating the magicworld of electricity and magnetism!~ Fun, hands-on building experiences inspire kids learning from thebasic concepts to various mechanical devices.~ Full color 52-pages manual offers illustrated instructions forassembly steps and concept..
Ex Tax:RM299.90
Brand: GIGO
~ 7 experiments may be conducted.~ Applay the same gyroscopic principles used in high-end mechanicalwatches.~ Players learn about kinetic theory and how it applies to the machine.~ Now featuring new and trendy translucent parts...
Ex Tax:RM229.90
Brand: GIGO
~ There are many new creations including the air engine, the uniqueballoon engine and also the experimental blowing system.~ All above arouse our curiosity, and by doing the experiments we candiscover the secrets of the air.~ 20 Experiments to build...
Ex Tax:RM349.90
Brand: GIGO
~ The hydro power in this set utilizes the principles of air and waterpressure so that after kids complete their models, they can play freelyinside or outdoors.~ The all new nozzle design allows angle adjustments to change themovement direction of models.~ There are 6 models so that children can lea..
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Brand: GIGO
~ 20 models to assemble: robot, race car, crane bulldozer etc.~ Infrared-operated technology~ Infrared and touch-sensitive remote control with 6 keys allows you tocontrol the machines’ movements and direction~ 3 electric motors and full colour instruction sheet (explanation ofprinciples + models)..
Ex Tax:RM469.90
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